the glorious Forms …

…now, I know how much we all hate filling out forms; but these are super-duper important to getting your money’s worth  … so, pleeease fill it out completely


important! The questionnaires will help give a clearer PICTURE of what your style is; and what message you want to convey.
for all things Branding

Your brand image defines your style as a company making it important to design what reflects your company accurately.


Note: Please send samples, draw sketches, or anything else you can think of to convey your preliminary ideas to me via

Website development

Aesthetix Pro will provide you with a clean, mobile friendly web design, with solid navigation, and aim to help build trust with target audience.


The combination of aesthetics & functionality is something aimed to be implemented in all projects… and the main ingredient being, creative.

Service Agreements!

consent agreement to replicate

This is not simply about a giving Aesthetix Pro permission to re-design, edit, remake or replicate an existing design or logo; it is also a legal agreement between the Aesthetix Pro and the client, copyright owner.



  • If you are not the copyright owner, please respond to this request with a short letter directing Aesthetix Pro to the current copyright holder via email,
  • If you are the copyright owner, please fill this form and attach the image in question as well.

    Website Support service agreement

    Hours of Support:
    Support operates strictly on working days* [Mon-Fri] only, 10.30am – 5pm.

    And offers a single point of contact for all customer inquiries related to technical infrastructures.

    *Please give allowance for public/bank holidays.

    Contact information:
    • WhatsApp – +234 809 123 3334
    • eMail –

    Please note, I only communicate via WhatsApp and email for record purposes [during working hours only].

    Incidents and Service Requests:
    • Any critical Incident or critical Service Request should be initiated by eMail, to ensure proper prioritization.
    • When sending an eMail, summarise the nature of the Incident or Service Request in the Subject field.

    Ticket Prioritisation:
    Support assigns a Priority to every Incident or Service Request that is initiated.

    The Aesthetix Pro Prioritisation Model is used to ensure a consistent approach to defining the sequence in which an item needs to be resolved.


    The Priority assigned, depends upon:
    • The Impact on the business [size, scope and complexity of the Incident].
    • The Urgency to the business [time within which resolution is required].
    • The resource availability.
    • The expected effort in resolving or completing a task.

    Customer Communication:
    Aesthetix Pro will update customers as Incidents are being worked and upon Incident resolution.
    Aesthetix Pro will also provide communications when Incidents or outages occur that may impact the customer.

    Service Provided
    Aesthetix Pro will provide a general maintenance support at a fee or the necessary data* will be handed over to the customer via email for it to maintained and upgraded by customer.


    Necessary data*
    • Cpanel information
    • Backend information
    • Backup files of website
    • apk file [if applicable]

    Note: After handed over, we strongly suggest it only be in the hands of those trusted in the organisation. [At least 2 internal personnel].

    General Maintenance support:
    The modification of the website after handover, to correct errors, to improve performance and fixing general defects.


    • General Maintenance will be charged at a flat monthly rate of NGN45,000 or NGN250,000 annual or NGN125,000 bi-annual for project less than NGN2,500,000. And for projects above NGN2,500,000 , the fee is charged at 10% of cost of project; annual or bi-annual.
    • All new upgrade will be charged extra, subject to the level of resource needed to achieve the goal. [*one off payments as needed]


    Upgrade support: [which requires *one off payments]
    The process of replacing with a newer version [new features, elements, modules, framework and other upgrades].


    *One off payments fees:
    • Starting price at NGN25,000 per feature or elements.
    • Starting price at NGN100,000 per major upgrades, like framework or modules of the website.


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